Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random Idea Number One

Disclaimer:  Occasionally I get ideas about random things.  I love thinking about how to solve problems.  Even though not all my ideas are good ones, or things that I think should be done, it's still fun to share.  So I thought about it and decided it might be fun make blog posts about them.

Recently I've been reading people complaining about the low oil price, and I was thinking about why the US government doesn't buy and store it in order to keep the price at some set level.   Then I started thinking about how they might store it.  I figured the EPA might make this difficult and expensive.  Thinking about it some more what I finally came up with was abandon open pit mines.

They are already environmental problem spots so maybe people would be less against it.  Then I started thinking about how to seal them so the oil doesn't leak into the ground, and I remembered that because of China's recent policies recycled plastic prices are down.  Maybe they could be sealed with Polly Propylene or HDPE.  Then I started thinking about how to apply the plastic, and what I came up with was something like a giant heat gun that would both blow plastic chips onto the surface and melt them.   Maybe a converted jet engine would do the job.

Then I started thinking this might be useful for storing other things then oil (Such as fresh water).  Then I thought that this could be a good investment for people.  Oil went down because of a small oversupply but it's bound to come up again eventually.  People could maybe double their money in a few years.  Well that's all my thought on it. 

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