Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Week Long Trip to China

My sister decided to go to China and she was kind enough to take me with her.   I decided to take a break from the usual topics to talk about my trip. 

First Stop Beijing

Beautify city.  While there I say the great wall, the forbidden city and a number of temples.  The city has a great subway system.  It was the first time I've ever used a subway.  I was impressed.  Every major city should have one.  Also impressive to me was the electric tram system, and the rent a bike stations all over the place.  There was also a lot of small vehicles which I'm guessing were fuel efficient.

Traffic was insane.  Traffic lanes and lights were more like suggestions then rules.   Seat belts and turn signals were not widely used.    Instead people seemed to rely mostly on their horns for telling other cars what they were doing.

The air quality was a bit bad.  There were some evergreen trees I saw which were decidedly lacking in the green part.

Second Stop Xi'an

After a few days in Beijing I took a sleeper train to Xi'an.  As the name implies a sleeper train is a train with beds.  There were four beds to a room.  Lucky my sister got the same room as me.  Her bed was above mine.  It was a bit hard to figure out what to do at the train stop since no one seemed to speak English there.  Lucky by following the crowed we figured it out eventually.  It is a good thing we didn't have to buy the tickets ourselves or we would really have been lost. 

When we got there we saw the Terracotta army.  They were rather impressive.  We also saw a temple and the cities wall.  Unfortunately there was no subways in this city so we were a bit limited in what we could do. 

Third Stop Shanghai

We took a sleeper train to Shanghai.  It was an impressive city.  Unfortunately my sister was a bit sick so we didn't do much there.  We saw the museum and the people's square then went back to our hotel.  I went out and got some food by myself latter.  It was only 15 yuan (Around $2.40 US) which was pretty amazing for the amount of food I got.  The less touristy places in China are a lot cheaper.  The next day we left.  I went home, and my sister went to New Zealand.  She'll be back in about a month.  

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